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4 Common Problems That Could Be Slowing Down Your Website

March 10, 2021

Your website viewers want to access a snappy site, but if your website doesn’t stand up against the competition, your customers can and will read, shop, and subscribe somewhere else. Ensuring your website has reliable and fast speeds are crucial to bringing in new customers and encouraging customers to return in the future.

But — how do you know what to fix? You have so many things on your website that could be all a factor in your speed performance, so how do you know exactly what could be causing slow loading times?

Here are 4 of the most common problems that could be slowing your website down, and most importantly, what you can do about them.

1. JavaScript Delays 

JavaScript allows your website to be functional and interactive. It’s the back-end tool that makes your website look and behaves exactly how you want it to. But, when a browser tries to display a webpage, it has to stop and load any JavaScript files in a process known as “Render-Blocking JavaScript.”

Your website is significantly slower if it needs to load in a lot of external JavaScript files. Try replacing these external JavaScript files with inline JavaScript and use asynchronous loading techniques to ensure that JavaScript is loaded on its own away from the rest of the page.

In tandem with that, letting JavaScript load after the remainder of the page has loaded will ensure your potential customers can get to scrolling before JavaScript has had a chance to render fully.

2. Traffic Bottlenecking 

The most common cause of a slow website is, in short, your passionate customers. If you’re having a sale or have just launched a marketing campaign, more and more people will be flooding into your website.

Doing so, however, will eventually slow the site down by overloading the network or the server that’s running the site. Usually, these sort of slow-down issues are only caught during points of high traffic.

Once you’ve located precisely where the slow-down occurs, you can make some changes to ensure it won’t happen to you or your customers again. You can upgrade your hosting plan to get more server resources and bandwidth, or you can use a caching service to reduce the load of frequently accessed pages. Both of these actions will significantly speed up the loading times when your customers are trying to shop.

These actions are essential when you have limited stock to prevent customers from becoming irate because your slow website prevented them from becoming customers.

3. Your Database Needs Clearing 

Any minor problem with your database can cause longer load times. These sorts of issues require immediate fixing, and unfortunately, the best way to catch them seems to be through manual checks.

Usually, the first step in troubleshooting potential database issues is to clear the cache. More often than not, this solves most database problems. If this doesn’t work, double-check your site’s code. A programming error can cause cascading errors later in the code and create load-time issues.

4. You’re Using Too Much External Stuff

Similar to the JavaScript issue mentioned before, a website trying to make a high number of calls to external image and media hosting services will translate into significantly longer loading times. While having that gif play in the background may look nice, if it isn’t hosted directly on your website, it may cause serious lag issues.

Images, for example, can cause load issues due to their size. If your code is written to change image size depending on the device, you can optimize for load times. For example, mobile users won’t need a 4000-pixel image, but if you send a 200-pixel display to a 4K monitor, it’ll look unprofessional and blurry.

Having your code written to pull different images dependent on the user’s device will allow faster load times of said images and ensure you aren’t unnecessarily using website resources.

While not quite as common as some of these other issues, it is possible your website is overloaded with the volume of external content. Try trimming down some of this content to see if that resolves your issue.

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