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5 Tips and Tricks to Get Your Website Better Ranking on Search Engines

February 15, 2021

Owning a website is an important part of marketing your business and generating sales — but how do you make sure that people can find it once it’s built?

You are diligently doing your research and trying to figure out what the most important steps are. However, there’s a ton of information out there about SEO best practices and it can be easily overwhelming.

Showing up in the top search results is obviously critical and there are a lot of steps you can take to get there. We’re going to show you five of the top ways that you can set your site up for success in the top search engines. These steps will help you increase your search rank and also improve your site’s ability to convert visitors into leads and customers for your company.

Tip #1: Keyword research 

Keywords are a critical element of improving your search engine ranking. It is important to gain an understanding of what your audience is likely to be searching for in regards to the specific words they are typing into the search engine.

When implementing keywords into your website, you want to include them in your titles, header tags, meta tags, and the content itself.

The specific titles and tags you include will have an impact on your CTR, or click-through-rate. Of course, you want as many people to click on your website as possible once they’ve found your page in their search results.

Tip #2: Publish High Quality Content

The importance of quality content cannot be understated. Your content is the basis of all other factors that will affect your search engine ranking.

Many people may visit your website, but if you want your visitors to stay on your page once they find it, you must improve the user experience.

It’s important to research and understand your audience. When creating content, you should keep in mind what your unique audience is likely to find most interesting and engaging.

As your audience spends more time on your site, they learn more about you and are more likely to become a customer or client. Therefore, increasing time on site earns more conversion opportunities.

Posting blog content benefits you in two ways. Not only does it provide your audience with useful information that brings them to your site, it also allows search engines to crawl your pages and find keywords that your audience is searching for and interested in. Post content that is relevant to your business and niche, and make sure to pepper in (i.e. don’t spam!) related keywords where they fit.

Tip #3: Update Your Content Regularly

Websites that show up at the top of search engine rankings are updated frequently so that they maintain continuous accuracy and relevancy. One simple way you can ensure you are routinely updating your content is by updating each piece of content on a consistent schedule.

Another element of this tip includes making sure you are regularly adding new content to your website. However, keep in mind the elements from Tip #1 – make sure all the content you do add to your site also adds value.

Tip #4: Make Sure Your Website is Easily Navigable 

One important characteristic of people looking to find answers online is that they do not want to work harder than necessary to find the information they need.

You should test your website on multiple platforms to ensure that it is easy to navigate through the various pages of your website. Specifically, focus on maintaining a mobile-friendly website, as many of your visitors will be visiting your site from a mobile device.

When your site is mobile responsive, it can easily adapt to any device — laptops, smartphones, tablets, large screens — and still provide an outstanding user experience.

To increase the readability of your content, you also want to avoid large walls of text. These can be intimidating to the user and make the specific information they are searching for more difficult to find.

Another element of this is to make sure your website loads its pages quickly. Your audience will move on if they have to wait for your website to respond to their clicks. To that end, optimize the size of your images so that your pages load quickly and ensure that your video links are hosted on Youtube, Vimeo, or another platform so that they can be accessed quickly without bogging down your site with hosting and streaming.

Tip #5: Work on the Links

Backlinks are one of the most critical factors that affect your ranking in search results. A backlink is a link on your page that links to another website outside of yours.

When linking other websites on your page, choosing high-quality, reputable websites will have a significant impact on your search ranking. On the other hand, links to spam or less reputable websites will cause your website to drop lower in search rankings.

Your goal should also be to get other external sites to want to link back to your content. You can do this by promoting your content to other influencers in your industry.

Don’t Neglect the Importance of SEO

Improving your website to get better ranking on search engines on your own can be time consuming, but it is essential to generating traffic to your website. First you will need an easy-to-use, affordable website that looks and feels professional.

Being able to create your own website gives you freedom to share exactly what you want the way you envision and it also allows you to customize and update at your own pace. Saving money and getting a great value for your money is one of the top priorities for businesses big and small.

At Bizzoo, we can start you off on the path to a fantastic website and get your content to your audience and your customers faster. No matter if you are new to building your own website or an expert looking for a fresh start, our site builder is designed to allow you to be creative and let us handle the rest.

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