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Essential Components of an Ecommerce Website

February 10, 2021

Think about the last time you went shopping. 

If you shopped in person, you likely used a form of contactless payment via a mobile wallet, a debit card, or a credit card. Traditional storefronts are turning to more methods of electronic payment for customer transactions as the digital age progresses. 

What about when you shop online? 

Online transactions are a bit different than traditional cash or card payments. Individuals can buy and sell items over the internet via P2P digital marketplaces, from business to business, or from business to consumer. 

This means that transactions are tightly monitored, and the security of payment has become paramount across all these mediums.

Say you’re setting up your first online store for your business. You’ve offered service packages in private payments up to this point, but now you’re including merchandise in your branding approach. This means your website needs to be ecommerce compatible. 

Structurally speaking, your website will look like any other. But how do you incorporate everything you absolutely need to operate an online storefront? 

Landing Page/Front Window

When you’re at the store or your favorite brick and mortar consignment shop, what’s the first thing you notice when you walk past to go inside? The front window. The owner wants to make a good first impression on passersby.

In the same way, a business offering products via an online store needs to make a good first impression. And where is the first place a consumer will land when they come across your business online? The landing page

To get your website visitors intrigued and encourage them to visit your shop, your landing page needs to be in prime shape. 

Give them a reason to dig a little deeper into your business and brand. 

Give them a little intel about your business with a solid bio page. Show them what your products or services can do for them by promoting an example via imagery or a video on the landing page. Get your consumers excited to be there, and give them something to look forward to. 

BUT keep it simple. Do not overcomplicate the landing page with busy designs, or you’ll scare off a potential customer. Effortless is cool, but appearing effortless requires effort.


When you do have a regular customer base already incorporated into your business, how do you tailor content to them? 

Stick to what people know and love about your business. If they’ve previously made a purchase through you, whether it is a product or service, let that be a key factor in how your website is laid out. 

Show customers their past purchases as well as things they may be interested in. If they’ve viewed a product, service, or page previously, let them see what they missed and remind them to check back in. 

Keep location in mind as well. If the customer turns on location services with your e-commerce page, are there certain products or services available that might pertain to the area they live in a little better? 

Giving the customer a bit of what is familiar and interesting to them will keep them hooked. 


When you’re forming a brand, people want to know everything: who, what, where, when, why, and how. 

Ecommerce business is no different. People want to know how you got there, who your people are, and why they should choose you. 

Form a unique storyline by including a bio or About page. 

Give visitors the rundown about how you got your business off the ground and who the key players are. If you do something different than your competitors, include that too to give yourself a little edge. 

Include the why in your About page as well. Form a connection and trust with visitors/potential customers about why they are there. Why should they choose you? This is a great opportunity to show them what you can do for them or a problem you can solve. 

Clean-Cut Shopping

When you walk into a brick-and-mortar store, typically, the first things you see are shopping carts and checkout lines near the doors. 

Ecommerce businesses should display the same type of consideration towards their customers. 

Make the shopping cart easily accessible. Can they readily add an object to their cart with the click of a button? Can they view their cart and checkout from that same page/be easily redirected to checkout? 

Efficiency and clarity are things that customers look for in any business. Keep as few steps as possible between getting to your site and checking out and keep the design of your ecommerce website in favor of the customers and their overall shopping experience. 

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