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Five Tips for a First Time Business Website

August 3, 2020

Every business no matter its size should have a website. Why, because it allows new customers to find you then give them reassurance that you’re a credible business.

But it’s easy to make mistakes when creating a business website whether it’s your first or your fiftieth, so here are some handy tips to help get it right first time.

1. Do some planning

It doesn’t have to be complicated, in fact you can get a pen and paper out and write everything on one sheet of A4, but before wading in with design and content give it some thought. Who is the site aimed at, what do you want them to know about you and your business and what action do you want them to take having visited the site.

2. Think about how it looks

You probably already have a logo, maybe a letterhead and a couple of colours you use in marketing materials. Well, don’t go reinventing the wheel, be consistent in your use of background colours, leave plenty of white space and make sure that text is clearly legible. Keep your branding consistent!

3. Consider your content

From experience (and data) we know that the most visited pages of any site are the Home and About pages but if you have more than one service you’ll probably want a Services page too and don’t forget a Contact form. But they are just the starting point – the most important thing you can do is create good content for all these pages – so many businesses fail to tell people exactly what they do or explain it clearly, don’t make that mistake.

4. Use good quality images

Many sites fall down because they use poor photography. Unless you’re a great photographer your mobile phone should not be the source of your images, a selfie is definitely not going to present you professionally. So think about commissioning a photographer or find great images on a site such as Pexels, and then be consistent in the style and colours you use.

5. Make it easy to contact you

We mentioned earlier about the action you want site visitors to take as a result of visiting, so if you want them to contact you make it easy. Give them a prompt, add a button, use a contact form but above all make it easy. No one will go searching for your phone number or email for more than 10 seconds so make it obvious how to get in touch.

Websites can get complicated but if you keep it simple, think about your target market, the story you want to tell and how you want to present yourself you’ll find you’re up and running with a “shop window” for your business in double-quick time.