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How Content Writing Can Help Your Site

March 20, 2021

While your website’s design and aesthetics are important (because who doesn’t love a good-looking website?), beauty doesn’t always convert leads. You need both quality web design and amazing content to keep your audience coming back for more. Effective content writing is crucial for turning site visitors into repeat, satisfied customers.

So how can content writing help your site?

By providing you with content that drives potential customers to your website — that’s how. When you focus on improving your content, you open up a whole world of possibilities for growing your business and gaining traffic to your website.

Content writing can help you create useful blogs, develop press releases, or offer general information for your area of expertise all while boosting your site’s credibility and drawing in new eyes. You can often take the information from your website and use it for other things, like marketing brochures.

There are so many benefits to utilising content writing. Let’s take a look at some of our favorites.

1. Establishes Your Reputation

Detailed articles and blog posts on your website will aid in establishing your expertise and building your reputation. You will show readers how much knowledge you possess in areas related to your niche. Beyond just your knowledge, you will express your passion in your areas of expertise and build rapport with your audience.

Getting your information out there can establish your brand as an authority, build trust with your potential customers, and bump you up in Google search results. Without going into Search Engine Optimisation details too deep, suffice it to say that it always helps to have your website full of useful content.

2. Gains You a New Audience

While you stand to build your core audience with fresh, relatable content, the opportunities go far beyond that. Guest posting is an excellent strategy to utilise, as it will help your articles show up in other established places where readers interested in your niche can find you in droves.

This strategy will help broaden users’ searches and direct them back to your website from related pages. It will help you get connected with new audiences and build like never before.

3. Establishes Your Brand Voice

Your brand is the core of your business. Establishing your brand helps communicate your voice with your audience. Your social media “voice” allows you to establish your brand and get your product out there for people to learn about and buy.

Expert content writing helps prepare your social media posts and articles to convey the right tone and information to communicate with your audience on their level – information presented and the tone depends on them. Whether you want a serious tone, a more casual tone, or something more varied  —  nailing your voice is crucial to impacting your audience in the way that you intend.

4. Defines Your Values

Your website is a conduit for your company’s practices and your ethos and values. Some businesses start their journey with the goal of communicating this information, while other businesses start with promoting their product without establishing what they stand for.

Content writing can help you analyse your values and how to communicate them. Your potential customers have more choice than they ever have. Ensuring that your values match theirs and speak to their needs and ethos is essential to drawing them in, building trust, and keeping them as customers.

For instance, let’s say you own a comic and gaming company. You know the products you want to sell, but let’s say you also believe in comics and games bringing people together in positive ways. Communicating this allows people to understand who you are and why you do what you do.

5. Gives You a Clear Message

Content writing can analyse your product and message and communicate your message clearly and concisely. You know your company inside and out because you have created it. This aspect can make it hard to understand the outsider’s perspective, making it hard to communicate to your potential customers on their level.

Customers need clear information on your brand’s benefits and features. With care, your content writing can lay out, step-by-step, your product’s details, how it works, and anything else they need to know in a way that is approachable and attractive to your audience.

6. Helps You Publish Content Consistently

One of the difficult things about managing the content yourself is the process of updating regular content. You’re busy running your business and don’t have time or energy to keep the content flowing.  If you neglect to update your blog and allow your site to go stagnant, not only will your readers stop visiting to stay up on your content, their perception of your brand will decline, likely assuming that you don’t care about it enough, so why should they? Worse yet, sites that do not regularly update their content suffer in Google search, falling further down the rankings over time.

Don’t be afraid to contract content writing if it’s not your strong suit. You’ve got a business to run, and writing is likely not your primary skill-set (as it isn’t for most entrepreneurs).

Does Your Website Need Some TLC?

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