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How Regular Blogging Can Help Your Business

January 29, 2021

Now more than ever, online businesses big and small must rely on staying at the top of the internet “food chain” to get more views and interactions to make sales and stay relevant to their audience. And with that comes the need to do so in an affordable but dynamic way.

Blogging is not only a way to keep your customers up to date on your business, but it has become a high impact marketing strategy, with upwards of 80% of companies reporting that they use blogging to obtain new customers.

The need to keep your business up to date and innovative but within the budget is a task for any business, and an absolute must for small businesses who need to make an impact.  Blogging has many uses, not only to show customers new products and updates but shows the human side of the business and the person(s) who run some of their favorite shops.

Blogging also keeps businesses on top of the searches and algorithms that help boost visits/sales and help keep the brand top of mind and current.  Keeping your brand relevant is an everyday task for small businesses, and having a good internet presence is absolutely invaluable. Blogging is a cost effective way to keep your customers up to date and in touch with your company.

More ways a blog can help your business:

  • Show customers new products
  • Bring new customers in
  • Keep business up to date on search engines
  • Tutorials to highlight the uniqueness of your business
  • Show the personal side that keeps customers loyal

Curious on how to start blogging? Never blogged before? Don’t fret! Most websites or website builders offer a “Blog” area for you to get started. It’s easy, fun, and can really highlight how unique you and your company are. There are many examples of blogs on the internet and more than likely many of your favorite brands have blogs of their own. Start by thinking about what you like to read about and see from those brands and start to make a template of where you can go from there. Say you sell paintings, what is your favorite paint brand? Favorite medium? Favorite colors to work with? Showcase a piece you’ve been painting. Tease at a new piece in the works. Post portrait shots of you in the day to day of your studio. No matter what your product, a blog can highlight products, processes and personalities.

Tips for Optimizing Blog Posts:

  • Keep them eye catching for readers who may skim. Some people don’t have the time to read everything they want, so make sure to keep posts interesting.
  • Engage with your customer base in your posts.
  • Add interviews and frequently asked questions to help keep customers in the know about you and your business.
  • Add reviews to show you are in demand and good at what you do.
  • Events or conventions should always be at the top of the list. Customers love engaging one on one and in person and love to see their favorite shops in real world settings.
  • Give customers a behind-the-scenes look of your business and can be of interest to many different kinds of shoppers.

Ready to Start Blogging?

First you will need an easy-to-use, affordable website that looks and feels professional.

Being able to create your own website gives you freedom to share exactly what you want the way you envision and it also allows you to customize and update at your own pace. Saving money and getting a great value for your money is one of the top priorities for businesses big and small.

At Bizzoo, we can start you off on the path to a fantastic website and get you blogging to your audience and your customers faster. No matter if you are new to building your own website or an expert looking for a fresh start, our site builder is designed to allow you to be creative and let us handle the rest.

Once you’ve made your selections, our team of developers will have your custom site up and running within 48 hours. Sound good? Then let’s get started!