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Important SEO Trends for 2021

March 30, 2021

Are you wondering why your website is sipping further down search results despite following all best SEO practices? As a web creator, you understand how valuable search engine optimization is to attracting visitors to your site. However, you may not be aware that practices that were important one year can lose value the next.

Much like any other evolving internet technology, SEO is constantly changing alongside what types of content search engines prioritize. As a website design company, we at Bizzoo make it a point to monitor these changes and work them into each affordable website design we make for our clients.

In this article, we’ll take a look at 5 critical SEO trends of 2021, so you can be ready for whatever this year throws at you!

Trend #1: Voice Search

As the number of user searches from mobile devices continues to climb, so do voice searches. Smartphones and voice-responsive home devices have become more prevalent, allowing users to ask questions and get immediate responses. Devices like Google Home respond to questions (“Hey Google, what is the weather forecast for tomorrow?”) with top search results.

Because users tend to phrase voice searches as questions, there was speculation when the tech appeared that it might alter how search engines match keywords to content. So far, that doesn’t seem to be true. However, it may help to phrase some (not all) of your keyword phrases as questions for a more precise match.

Trend #2: Longer-Form Content

If you set out to make a website, you may be surprised to learn that pages with more content consistently rank higher than those focused on short-form content. At first, this would seem to go against common sense —  surely users want to spend less time getting the information they want? But longer pages help prove your authority on a subject, and search engines prioritize authoritative content.

Of course, your content still needs to be relevant. Stuffing a page with unrelated words or images is likely to get you penalized. When you design your own website, focus on long-form content that mixes words, images, or videos relevant to your niche.

Trend #3: Mobile Design

When a freelance web designer works on SEO efforts, they focus specifically on Google. It’s been known for years that Google searches put emphasis on mobile versions of websites over their desktop counterparts due to how many users are searching on mobile devices. To account for this, you need to put extra effort into building your pages’ mobile version.

Most web designer software includes tools to optimize your mobile design but, they often come with limitations that don’t take SEO changes into account. At Bizzoo, we have flexible mobile design as part of our affordable web design services. By creating our own designs, we can quickly adapt your page layout to meet current and future SEO standards.

Trend #4: User Experience

If you use a professional website builder (such as WordPress) to make your own website, you might think that SEO is focused solely on keywords and hyperlinks. However, when Google analyzes a website to determine where it should rank for relevant searches, it also looks at UX or user experience. UX is concerned with how users navigate your website and how you organize content. Ideal UX feels intuitive to users, and search engines reward such pages with a higher SEO ranking.

Google rates your UX based on whether users click on your page in the search results but soon return to the results listing to find another page. Google assumes that if users stay on your page without returning, they’ve not only found the content they seek but can navigate the page quickly. When you hire us at Bizzoo to build your own website, we can optimize your UX in a few ways, including:

  • Ensuring that all of your interactive parts work correctly
  • That each page’s layout is not cumbersome or cluttered, and is easy to navigate visually
  • Designing a mobile layout that displays correctly across as many devices as possible

Trend #5: Search Intent

Search engine algorithms have traditionally matched user inquiries to websites using the exact and related keywords. However, Google has been tweaking its algorithm to precisely decipher what users want with a given search. When a user searches for “chicken ala king,” are they looking to purchase a restaurant dish? Do they want a recipe or some other information? Google uses the data it has collected on each user to make the assessment.

When you create your own website, you won’t have access to all the tools and information Google does. Instead, you’ll need to set up analytic tools to create reports on the terms they searched for to find your website, how long they spend on each of your pages, and how they navigate around your pages. By analyzing this data, you can better determine what your users hope to find when they arrive and if they find it. This information can guide your future SEO and design decisions as you refine your approach.

Don’t Neglect the Importance of SEO

Improving your website to get better ranking on search engines on your own can be time consuming, but it is essential to generating traffic to your website. First you will need an easy-to-use, affordable website that looks and feels professional.

Being able to create your own website gives you freedom to share exactly what you want the way you envision and it also allows you to customize and update at your own pace. Saving money and getting a great value for your money is one of the top priorities for businesses big and small.

At Bizzoo, we can start you off on the path to a fantastic website and get your content to your audience and your customers faster. No matter if you are new to building your own website or an expert looking for a fresh start, our site builder is designed to allow you to be creative and let us handle the rest.

Once you’ve made your selections, our team of developers will have your custom site up and running within 48 hours. Sound good? Then let’s get started!