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Our pricing
couldn’t be more

As you go through our website creator, you will be able to choose exactly what elements you want on your new website.

Because each element has it’s own price, you only pay for what you need!

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There are no fixed prices but to
give you an idea, here are a couple
of examples.

One-Page Website


Welcome Section

About Section

Services Section

Contact Section

Personalised Colour Scheme

Basic Hosting

Multi-Page Website


Home Page

  • Welcome Section
  • About Section
  • Services Section
  • About Page

  • Welcome Section
  • About Section
  • Team Section
  • Testimonials Section
  • Services Page

  • Welcome Section
  • Services Section
  • Testimonials Section
  • Blog Page

    Contact Page

    Personalised Colour Scheme

    Basic Hosting

    Some other questions
    you might have

    How much does it cost?

    You will be provided with your own personalised price based on the selections you have made. The more sections and features you choose, the higher your price will be. You can then choose if you prefer to pay monthly or annually.

    Does it really take 48 hours?

    Yep! Your new website will be ready for you to add your content within 48 hours from receiving your order.

    Can I add more elements to my site later?

    Absolutely! Once your new website has been built, you can add more sections or features at any time.

    Will my website be mobile-friendly?

    100%. Our designers have created each section to be mobile-friendly so no matter which combination of sections you choose, your website will look beautiful on mobile devices.

    I already own a domain name, can I still use that?

    Yes, you can connect your own domain name to your new website for free. All you will need to do is update one of the settings on your domain name to point it at your new website. We will provide more detailed instructions on how to do this at the time.

    How do I add my own text and images?

    Once your new website has been built, you will be provided with access to a control panel where you can easily replace the demo content with your own and you can change it as often as you like. We also provide video tutorials showing exactly how to do it.

    How does the pricing work?

    Each section and feature has its own price based on the amount of work that goes into implementing it. Your personalised price is simply the total of all of those prices.

    Can I move my website to a different hosting company?

    Yes. While we believe you won’t ever want to leave us, we won’t make it difficult for you to move elsewhere.

    Will my website appear in Google?

    While we can’t guarantee where your website will appear in Google’s search results (no-one can), your website has been optimised for search engines like Google.

    What Our Customers Say

    1 / 3

    Bizzoo are truly excellent!

    They provided me with an affordable design that looks extremely professional and is 10 times better than my old website.

    They are very giving with their time on the phone and patient with technical questions. It took one day for my new website to return a customer after making the site live. Thank you bizzoo, I will definitely be returning for any future designs!

    Sam Peggs

    Piano Tutor

    2 / 3
    3 / 3