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What Does Every Small Business Website Need?

May 30, 2021

No matter how small your business, a professional website can make all the difference between your company and a competitor. So, the question is, what should you include on your website so that it is not only customer friendly but also encourages them to do business with you over the competition?

Mobile search isn’t going anywhere. In fact, the majority of web traffic on the internet today comes from mobile devices. This implies a sense of urgency in two ways. First, your site needs to be readily accessible, loading quickly and making navigation a breeze for your visitors. Second, it means that your site needs to be optimised for mobile devices, offering the same experience across all devices to ensure that you don’t lose out on sales, no matter what device your visitors are on.

Having a professional-looking website will enable customers to find the information they need, learn about your brand, and establish a sense of trust. Additionally, your website will allow you the opportunity to educate and inform visitors about all the ways you can solve their problems and meet their needs. You can also use your digital presence to nurture relationships with the customers that you already have to keep them coming back for more.

What Does Your Website Need?

If you are a small business, you probably do not have a webmaster or somebody on staff to guide you through website design and creation. This article aims to help you determine what features your website needs and what customers expect of a website.

You are designing and developing your website to meet your customers’ needs, allowing you to stand out among the competition and keep things streamlined for your scale and scope.

Website Need #1: The Homepage

Immediately when a customer comes to your homepage, they should be able to figure out what exactly you do. They should not have to search around for basic information about your business. If they need to search around to find simple information, you will probably lose them as a customer. You want to be able to grab their attention in the first couple of seconds they’re on your site and keep them interested by providing quality content and imagery.

Website Need #2: Domain Name

It may seem like all of the good domain names have been taken, but that is far from the truth. What may be a concern is finding your exact small business name available as a domain name. If it is not available, choose an option that makes sense based on your company’s name. For example, if you are looking for a domain name with .com as an extension and it is not available, it is perhaps available as .net, .team, or .ninja. Of course, it is ideal if you can get .com as a domain name, but that .ninja is a pretty memorable top level domain (TLD) as well, so choose wisely.

Website Need #3: Intuitive Site Map

Make navigation within your website as easy as possible and user-friendly. If a visitor can’t find what they’re looking for, they will not stick around. So make sure all menus are visible and that you can get to every heading from every page regardless of the device they are using.

Website Need #4: Contact Information

Some mega websites make it almost impossible to locate contact information. However, smaller businesses can gain a lot of authority with customers by making it easy for them to reach you with their questions and concerns. Customers want to speak to the people behind the company they are dealing with because it makes the business more real and human, establishing a connection.

Ideally, there should be multiple ways that a customer or a visitor can contact your business. Options include a phone number and address, a business email address, an online chat service, or return phone call, and more.

Website Need #5: Testimonials

If a visitor is uncertain about whether they want to become a customer of yours or not, having testimonials on your page can make all the difference in their decision-making process. Furthermore, if the testimonials are predominantly positive, visitors and customers will gain trust in what you have to offer and what you can provide to them.

Website Need #6: Call To Action

The easiest way to describe a call to action is by referring to television commercials. If you watch an infomercial, you will hear many times throughout that commercial “call now,” “operators are waiting to take your call,” or “this deal only lasts one hour.” The call to action tells the customer exactly what you want them to do, how to do it, and incentivises the call to action through the expression of urgency.

Website Need #7: Quality Content

Your first interaction with a customer may be via your website. So be sure to put relevant and accurate high-quality content on your site. In addition, by keeping your information on your website current with trends, your information will become more relevant to the visitor.

Website Need #8: Website Design

Your website design should consider what will be easy for the reader to understand, interpret, and read. For example, a black background with white writing is not nearly as easy on the eyes as a white background with black writing. Build your site conscientiously and keep in mind that there are specific accessibility guidelines for business websites to ensure that everyone is capable of accessing your website and having a good experience.

Let Us Help You With Your Small Business Website

Having a website can put you on the map, literally and virtually. If you have a physical location and people are not visiting, it could be because they are not finding your website – or your business – online.

If your website isn’t putting you on the map, then 1 of 2 things is happening:

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  2. You don’t have enough website content to rank in Internet rankings or show up in search results.

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